Website Speed is one of Google’s ranking algorithm officially rolled out July 9 2018 … Since then, big ‘G’ has released a second update showing a “badge of shame” to slow loading websites November 11th 2019. This new Google metric uses Mobile loading speed to help determine ranking in the search results… and slow sites get pushed back DOWN the rankings! It’s unavoidable, because…

Even A ‘Fast’ Turtle
Comes In Last!

**This Speed Update Impacts ALL sites, whether Mobile or Standard.

It’s when they’re ACCESSED FROM a Mobile Device our strategy does its “speed magic”… and up to 70% of Local Searches are accessed through a mobile device!

Google’s speed update affects ANY website that gets visitors from mobile devices. Inside you’ll discover how to optimize CLIENTS WEBSITES, so they’re not penalized by Google.

According to Google’s statistics, 40% of Mobile Searches have LOCAL INTENT!… and that means Local businesses cannot afford to ignore such a big chunk of their market. When potential customers are on their phones, they’re impatient to see the site appear.

Their frustration with slow loading sites usually causes them to jump to another site’s link… and hey, can you blame them?

Sites must be properly optimized to improve these loading times… which means your business sites need professional help.