4 Good Reasons to Set Up a Chatbot for Your Business


If you’re looking to boost your marketing efforts, you should definitely set up a chatbot for your business.

Messenger bots are becoming increasingly popular. The AI powered machines make it so easy for businesses to interact with their customers, attract new leads and increase conversions.

Recent consumer reports show that 80% of adult customers are very satisfied with their interaction with a chatbot. More than 50% of consumers are likely to convert if a chatbot would offer them a location-based offer. And – surprisingly – almost 40% of adult shoppers think that the best use of chatbots is offering coupons and deals.

That in mind, if you think the marketing industry has reached saturation, think again. Here’s how setting up a chatbot for your business today can help you land a lot more clients right away.

1. Messenger bots can help businesses generate new leads

Because chatbots are active 24/7, implementing one for your business makes it easy to constantly generate new leads.

Setting up an “intelligent” Facebook bot can make it very easy for potential customers to find exactly what they need. And all this happens in a matter of seconds. Instead of making your leads search your website, come to your location or wait on the phone until someone on your sales team is available, you can easily engage with new prospects and cater to their needs immediately.

2. A Facebook chatbot can assist businesses with a new launch

If you’re looking to launch a new service or a product, a smart messenger bot can help you spread the news and get immediate feedback from your leads.

Typically, customers initiate contact with a business only after they’ve heard about a product or know for sure they need a service. However, by having your bot literally announce a new launch, you’ll have a way to easily get your offer in front of subscribers, before they hear about a similar product or service offered by your competition.

3. AI powered chatbot can gather important insights from leads

What better way to improve your next offer than by finding out what your potential customers really need?

Messenger bots can do more than just pop an offer in the inbox of your customers. They can ask questions and gather important data based on the audience answers or their preferences. After you gather enough information from your leads, you can use it to improve customer experience, tweak your offers to match your customers’ needs and work smarter on marketing campaigns you plan for the future.

4. Businesses can significantly increase brand loyalty with the help of a chatbot

Last but definitely not least, chatbots can be very helpful when it comes to nurturing your existing clients and boosting their loyalty towards your brand.

A “sharp” messenger bot knows how to deliver information that your subscribers actually ask for, thus building trust with your followers and drawing their attention back to your brand every time an interaction occurs.

Setting up a polite and friendly chatbot can help your business meet consumer expectations, increase customer satisfaction and best of all, get ahead of your competitors. Get in touch with us today to get started.